Deidre Brock MP

Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North & Leith

My views on TTIP

I oppose the inclusion of public services in this trade deal and don't think that corporations should have the right to sue governments through the investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms (ISDS). I have serious reservations about this deal, as do other SNP MPs, and I will continue to press for the changes that the Scottish Government has calle...
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1p Reduction in Beer Tax

I believe that well run pubs and the brewing industry have an important role for the national economy and that good local pub, where alcohol is enjoyed responsibly, is an asset to a community. For these reasons, I and my colleagues in the SNP group will do what we can at Westminster to support community pubs and breweries, and support a reduction ...
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Changes to ESA

I have consistently opposed the UK Government's proposals to cut £30 a week from the support given to sick and disabled people in the ESA work-related activity group. The SNP has challenged this cut at every stage of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill by bringing forward amendments to remove the proposal. We will continue to do so when the Bill retur...
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My views on snaring

I've been contacted recently by constituents asking me about my views on snaring.  The welfare of wildlife – which includes snaring – is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.I confess that I'm not an expert on countryside management and my instincts are against the use of snares altogether, but I appreciate there may be a need for them in ...
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Rail fare increases

I believe that rail fare raises are most unwelcome, especially during these times of UK Government austerity and pay freezes. In order to set fair fares it's important that the most appropriate operator is given the franchise, EU law allows public sector organisations to bid to operate rail services but the UK Government forbids this.  I ...
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Food waste

I believe that while families are struggling with food poverty and reliant on foodbanks it's illogical that perfectly good food is thrown away – especially before it makes it to the shops. I believe edible food shouldn't be thrown away and I signed EDM 66A1 supporting the redistribution of edible food which you can see here: http://www.parliament.u...
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Women in Parliament

At a recent 'women in parliament' event, I was surprised to learn that there are more male MPs in the current UK parliament than there have been women MPs in the whole of history. I'm number 416 (by election date and swearing in order) of a grand total of 450 women MPs so far and only one Prime Minister!  In Edinburgh things are m...
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The constituency of Edinburgh North and Leith is thankfully not currently under threat of fracking but I have concerns about fracking and the potential damage it can cause. The SNP Scottish Government has put a block on fracking to allow for further research and public consultation. SNP ministers have also been meeting environmental NGOs, community...
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My response to the refugee crisis

The scenes of displaced people who have risked their lives to seek refuge in Europe are truly heartbreaking. We have a moral obligation to offer refuge to people fleeing conflict and persecution. We can and must do more; the UK Government's slow and limited response is simply not good enough. There is a real need to develop a more co-oper...
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