Deidre is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith and SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Devolved Government Relations, Northern Ireland and Fair Work and Employment.




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15 December 2017
The Brexit Bourach continues! The Tory Brexiteers were huffing and puffing and looking pretty glum as they suffered a bit of a blow this week! They didn't want parliament to have a legal right to scrutinise and vote on the final Brexit deal, but they lost the vote on 'Amendment 7' - which was backed by the SNP - by 309 to 305...
06 December 2017
           At Prime Ministers Questions, SNP MP Deidre Brock called for Theresa May to take back control of her government and give immediate clarity to EU citizens that they can remain with their families after Brexit.Deidre challenged the PM to meet the promise she made in an open letter...
01 December 2017
All these people, who are making our communities better places to live, are swinging in the wind because this Government are in thrall to a xenophobic wing of the Conservative party and a right-wing, anti-foreigner media Deidre Brock MP TRANSCRIPT OF SPEECH:-Don't the unintended consequences of the decision to leave the EU seem to be appea...
29 November 2017
Deidre Brock MP has called for consumers to keep the right to choose between paper and digital data without extra charges being applied.Deidre is hosting an event for the campaign 'Keep me Posted' at Westminster today (Wednesday), a coalition of charities, interest groups and businesses including support from Age Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland, Carers...
28 November 2017
The grit and passion this woman and her colleagues showed in standing up to the prevailing attitudes to women  and driving their plans forward regardless remain an inspiration to us all. Deidre Brock MP To commemorate 100 years since the death of Edinburgh hero, Dr Elsie Inglis, I spoke in today's debate about her legacy and the ...

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