Deidre Brock is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith.

At Westminster Deidre sits on the Scottish Affairs Committee and formerly was a member of the Public Accounts Committee. She is the SNP Westminster Group’s lead on Scottish Parliament/Scottish Government Liaison and on Devolved Government Relations.

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16 March 2017
Article published in the Edinburgh Evening News, March 15, 2017Here we are, then, nine months after the Brexit referendum, eight months since Theresa May became Prime Minister, five months since she promised Scotland a hotline on Brexit negotiations, three months since the Scottish Government published a full position paper on Brexit, still having ...
09 March 2017
I spoke in a debate this afternoon (Thursday March 9) about the Scottish Affairs Committee's report into the demography of Scotland and its implications for devolution. I discussed the differing population needs we have and pressed the case for the UK Government to work with the Scottish Government to find  tailored immigration solut...
09 March 2017
I had a good meeting with WASPI women in London yesterday. (that's Women Against State Pension Inequality' for anyone who still doesn't know!) They are campaigning hard for justice for thousands of women born in the 1950s who had their retirement plans shattered by abrupt changes to the state pension age. There was a massive turnout of women f...
08 March 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May today refused to confirm she would consult with the Scottish people and ask the Scottish Parliament to agree before she changes the Scotland Act after Brexit. In response to a question from Edinburgh North and Leith MP Deidre Brock, Mrs May just said she speaks a lot to the Scottish Government.Speaking after Prime Ministe...
24 February 2017
Absolutely delighted to be playing a small role in the Audacious Women Festival. On Saturday Feb 25 I'm hosting a talk about how art as well as politics moves things forward for women .... I'll chat about some of the fantastic women that have inspired me from history and bring us up to modern times with help from three inspiring women of the c...

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