I receive many emails each day seeking my views on a whole range of issues both local and international. 

I thought it may be helpful to provide more information here on topics I'm most regularly contacted about, and post articles I've written.
As an SNP MP you can read more on the party's policy positions here:

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25 June 2018
Brexit is a slow motion horror story with Ministers who are supposed to be in charge of the process clearly out of touch with what is going on in their own government and at a loss to know how to address the issues in the negotiations. Deidre Brock MP I've received a lot of emails on Brexit and the EU Withdrawal Bill recently - this i...
05 June 2018
There was a debate in the House of Commons today about abortion in Northern Ireland. In the middle of some people hoping to secure rights to abortion for women in Northern Ireland and some people playing politics with the issue a lot of truth was lost so I thought it worthwhile writing up a few points.Firstly, today wasn't a debate that could repea...
30 May 2018
Social Bite – the sandwich and coffee chain that has a social conscience underpinning its business model – has always been a bit special. Allowing the pay-it-forward opportunity to its customers so they can pay for food that will go to someone who is homeless is an excellent idea.Facilitating the generosity of ordinary people and helping those folk...
09 May 2018
Anybody reading what the UK's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been writing or listening to what he's been saying might think that he has great plans for the environment. He's talking a good game, praising NFU members for their work to prevent environmental degradation and the work they do against climate change.No-one...
16 April 2018
In 2014 there was a series of commemorations for the centenary of the start of the First World War. We remembered the sacrifice made by so many; those who would never return home, those who came home broken and those who mourned the loss.The horrors of the first industrialised war were replayed; we can't ever know what it was really like to be ther...


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