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18 April 2017
Responding to the Prime Minister's decision to call an early General Election, Deidre Brock MP said:"The election gives the public the chance to give their verdict on the UK Tory Government. Voters across Scotland will be able to make it clear what they think of the callous treatment Theresa May and her Government have handed out to people who are ...
01 April 2017
​A round-up of recent work at Westminster and in the constituency. Sign up here if you'd like to receive my newsletters in your in-box.Read archived March issue online here.
28 March 2017
This article first appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on March 28, 2017. http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/opinion/deidre-brock-cuts-will-help-disabled-into-work-aye-right-1-4404620April is coming, spring is here and summer is on its way. All seems right with the world and happiness is all around. Unless you're one of those people – yo...
16 March 2017
Article published in the Edinburgh Evening News, March 15, 2017Here we are, then, nine months after the Brexit referendum, eight months since Theresa May became Prime Minister, five months since she promised Scotland a hotline on Brexit negotiations, three months since the Scottish Government published a full position paper on Brexit, still having ...
15 March 2017
Deidre Brock MP has urged Theresa May to pick up the phone and make a compromise deal with the First Minister on Brexit if they want the UK to remain together.Deidre, who is SNP spokesperson for devolved government relations, was speaking during a Westminster Hall debate that she called on the impact of triggering Article 50 on the devolution settl...

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