Deidre Brock is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith.

At Westminster Deidre sits on the Scottish Affairs Committee and formerly was a member of the Public Accounts Committee. She is the SNP Westminster Group’s lead on Scottish Parliament/Scottish Government Liaison and on Devolved Government Relations.

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Westminster Posts

01 February 2017
Below is my question to Prime Minister Theresa May during today's PMQ's (February 1). It refers to Ms May's recent meetings with Donald Trump and then President Erdogan of Turkey whose regime has become increasingly authoritarian since the failed coup attempt last summer. Ms May seems reluctant to challenge or criticise either leader...
12 January 2017
New figures have revealed Scottish National Party MPs were the hardest working in the UK Parliament during 2016 with higher levels of participation. SNP MPs spoke in an average of 64 debates last year, significantly more than Labour and Tory MPs.Data released by the House of Commons Library has also revealed the number of times the word "Scotland" ...
21 December 2016
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07 December 2016
UK GOVERNMENT URGED TO REJECT BREXITEER BID TO SCRAP ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS SNP MP Deidre Brock today used Prime Minister's Questions to urge the UK government to reject proposals by a leading Tory Brexiteer to use leaving the EU as an opportunity to scrap important environmental and safety standards. The MP for Edinburgh North and Leith called ...
18 November 2016
I received so many emails about Article 50 with so many different points of view and covering different topics that I have written down my own opinion and a few brief points below.I think our interests are best served inside the European Union - I campaigned for a Remain vote in June and I voted Remain in the referendum. I acknowledge that not ever...

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