Deidre is the MP for Edinburgh North and Leith and SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Devolved Government Relations, Northern Ireland and Fair Work and Employment.

Deidre is a member of the Scottish Affairs Committee

Her spoken contributions can be viewed here; written parliamentary questions are here; watch videos of Deidre's archived contributions by searching here.

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Westminster Posts

31 January 2018
Today (Wed 31 Jan) we debated the UK Government's analysis papers on leaving the EU. I believe the papers must be made public, although I have my doubts they'll tell us much we don't already know .... here's my speech...Everybody with any sense of how the world works, or indeed, even the tiniest ability to listen to experts, knows that leaving the ...
30 January 2018
'UTTERLY SHOCKING' RESPONSE FROM UK GOVERNMENT ON PIP PAYMENT U-TURNSNP MP Deidre Brock has said that Tory ministers denying that their welfare policies are causing harm to people is 'utterly shocking' and that the UK government is 'in denial' about the effect of their callous policies.Deidre Brock's comments follow a question today on the UK gover...
26 January 2018
SNP politicians are calling on the Tory government at Westminster to use its reserved powers to ban the sale of electronic shock collars across the UK.Leading animal welfare groups united this week to praise the SNP Scottish Government's decision to use its devolved powers to introduce a "prompt and effective" ban on the use of shock collars and ot...
21 January 2018
EU Withdrawal Bill - Labour and Tories let us downTwo days of debates on the EU Withdrawal bill culminated in the UK Government pushing it through almost unscathed - in the end nearly all the Tory MPs, including those from Scotland, meekly followed their party into the voting lobbies to vote through this bill. The honourable exception was Ken Clark...
16 January 2018
This article first appeared in Edinburgh Evening News Monday 15 January 2018 In the days of the French revolution a tricoteuse was a woman who sat and knitted while attending public executions. The advance of gender equality means we now have a male version of the tricoteuse in the shape of the Scottish Secretary David Mundell MP.The unfortuna...

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